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More than 6 years creating wonderful social and mobile software experiencies
confirms that magic also exists at software developing

Develop Software Applications
for Social Networks

Achievement engagement and creating loyalty from your customers goes beyond than simple company pages at Social Networks. We create magical and touching experiences to help you engage your clients in a much funnier and effective way than simple messages in a wall.

Develop Software Applications
for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become like an extension of our own bodies. People carry them every time and everywhere. We help our clients to take advantage of that by putting their services literally at their customers fingertips.

Our portfolio

The following are some of the great experiencies we have created for our clients

Repretel (Costa Rica). "Tirate Al Ruedo" ("Bull Fighter"). Second screen mobile app to virtually fight a bull appearing at the TV set screen during the Christmas bull fighting transmissions in Costa Rica.

Repretel (Costa Rica). "Farafarachin". Second screen mobile app to cheer for the Costa Rica national soccer team during the soccer matchs transmissions. User selects and instrument, shake the phone and a traditional Costa Rican melody starts playing.

Cisco Germany. "Internet of Everything Map". This app for mobile devices allows the user to specify how they see two real life objects connected by using the Internet. It then shows a map of the connections created by the users.